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DE TOURS of New York

May 29, 2008 6:42:00 PM EDT

DE TOURS of New York kicks off the weekly Ethnic Tasting Tours A food tasting extravaganza, highlighting the foods and beverages of New York’s well renowned Caribbean dining establishments. Beginning in May, 2008.

The Caribbean Spice Tour invites the sophisticated and culturally diverse communities of New York and the booming tourist industry to feast on the foods, drinks and spirit of the transplanted ethnic citizens.

On Sunday, August 19, 2007, a special Test Tour of the Caribbean Spice Tour was successfully launched. Participants feasted on tasty caribbean offerings of 5 Brooklyn restaurants and were totally overwhelmed by the food, the atmosphere and the rich history provided on the Brooklyn neighborhoods the tour wound its way through.

Prepare to experience our Ethnic Tasting Tours for yourself, including your chance to win free passes for future Tasting Tours.


On the first stop of the Brooklyn Caribbean Spice Tasting Tour, visitors will experience the taste of authentic tropical drinks and savor the taste of Jerk Chicken, an authentic Jamaican style of preparing chicken in a spicy sauce.

The tour will then wind its way into the hub of the Caribbean business community, where visitors will feast on delightful samples of Roti, (a bread which wraps around delicious holdings of chicken, beef or vegetable curry), along with a demonstration on how it is made. Other tasty treats will also be offered at this stop.

Visitors will next sample delectable vegetarian versions of Caribbean cuisine, that you’d swear is steak, chicken & fish. After sampling these vegetarian dishes made with tofu and gluten, you’ll feel like you’ve had a shot of Viagra.

Dessert will follow as visitors experience the taste of Island flavored ice cream, where Fruits of the Islands are blended to create unique Island tastes in the variety of shakes, ice cream and other products. Light entertainment will be provided on occasion at this stop.

On the final stop of the Caribbean Spice Tour, you will feast on a wide assortment of Caribbean platters & delights. Test your talents with Karaoke. And be entertained by the sweet sounds of Caribbean music. A delightful way to wrap up this wonderful Caribbean Spice tour, New York style. The entire tour will be approximately 5 hours, from pick up (downtown Brooklyn Marriot Hotel area), to drop off, while the tour itself will be approximately 4 hours. Each site visit will be approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Historical information and other pertinent data on Brooklyn and the neighborhoods traversed will be provided along the route.

Tour packages may contain additional information on some of the sites visited. Tour Routes and tours may change with advance notice and tours will be limited to certain time periods and to a limited number of people on a first come first serve basis, therefore pre-registration and early registration is advised.

Group packages will be made available for all Ethnic Tours. Individual and Group costs will range from $55 to $65.00. If you’re interested in joining us for future tasting tours, you may register or e-mail us at [email protected].

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