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Served Throughout the Caribbean


Polouri1 pint split peas
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp seasoning salt (your favorite)
1 tsp fresh garlic (grounded)
1 tsp yellow food dye
1 tbsp gira (grounded)
2 sticks fresh celery(grounded)
1 bundle fresh scallion
1/4 medium onion (grounded)
2 lbs flour
2 pints water
1 oz yeast
2 pints vegetablle oil
3 hot peppers(grounded)


NOTE: The spices may be grounded in a blender or food processor.
Place the split peas in a pot of 2 pints of water. Boil until peas is tender or soft. Set aside and allow contents to cool for 15 to 20 minutes.
To the pot of peas, add the salt, seasoning salt, garlic, food dye, gira, scallion, onions, celery & hot peppers.
Mix ingredients by stirring with a spoon. Add yeast & stir again.
Add flour, then slowly, stir in water a little at a time until the mix is thick. At the correct consistency, your spoon should be able to stand in the batter.
Let batter stand for 30 minutes, until it rises.
In a frying pan, heat oil under medium flame for 15 minutes.
Once the mix has risen to 1/2 it's size, take a table spoon, dip in some water & **scoop a spoon full of mix, place in pan of oil for 5 minutes. The polouri should float and turn brown.
Remove and let cool.
Serves 10 or more adults.

** you can shape the polouri into tennis ball shapes & sizes, by using your hands instead of a spoon to scoop up the mix. Why not create your own delightful shapes for children parties or adult events.
Serve with tamarind sauce, sweet & sour sauce or your favorite mild or spicy sauce, preferably sweet.
Polouri is a great West Indian snack that has East Indian origins.

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